I start voluntary work Friday

Had a meeting today with the program on Friday I am going. I forgot the exact name of the place already but it’s a type of grove/park/garden where I’ll be taking care of the bushes and plants. They also have honey bees there.

Gardening work mostly and being outdoors.

I’ll update you on it.

Also feeling better after my injection and looking forward to doing some work once a week.


That’s really nice to hear, Qwerty. I hope you like it. How many hours a week will you be putting in?

I just started at a nursing home, but I’m only doing about 2 hours a week. I want to get up to 6 or 8.


Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:


I’ll be doing 3 hours a week on Mondays or Fridays. (Going this Friday but I would like to do Mondays )

If I want to I’m sure I can do Fridays too. That’s would bump it up to 6 hours a week. But to start I will do 3 hours a week.


That’s great! I am sure you will love it; it sounds like a lot of fun. :tulip:


Yeah well done you!! Find having something regular to do breaks up your week and gives you some necessary structure! Hope it all goes well and look forward to hearing how you go!


Happy for you @Fanny_Longbottom. It sounds like it will be relaxing and fun taking care of the plants.

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I’m happy for you!! Good luck!!


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