I Start A Joke And You Create The Punchline!

Let Us Begin!. :slight_smile:

A Young Man Entered Into A Bar And Was Weary From A Very Long Saddened Slightly Harmful Environment Wishing His Few Friends Would Speak With Him About New Exclusive Exciting Hopeful Ways To Self Edit Internally Wrong Incorrect Decisions Into Perhaps Something Useful And Lovingly Redirected Happy Choices Of Eternal Grace Virtue Morning’s To Awake INTO… . …

(Punchline All Yours!).


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
:dog: :chipmunk: :dog:

I think you already ruined the punchline…


If That Is Why No One Is Responding, Lemme Slightly Extend The Foundation To Clarify.

A Waking Dream, Sleepless Is California Drinking In Haunted Memories Of Clouds Being Swept Beyond Odd Shaped Painting’s Hovering Above The Masked Ceiling’s Focus Into The Third Layer Of Thirst For Redemption Right’s To Ease Erasure OF… . …


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
:dog: :chipmunk: :dog:

You did it again.

"And the chicken says, “If you think I’m ugly, you should see my twin brother.”


Who’s on first?

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To awake into a wet night animated by a lovely fellow woman who starts every word with a capital letter

Your comic characters talk just like you, which is kind of endearing, unless that was the joke.

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