I start a 12 week course tomorrow

hey guys, I’m starting a 12wk course tomorrow so i’ll hopefully meet some new people and learn a bit more about the voluntary sector (i’m hoping it will come in handy) lol


There so how is your course going ? Are you enjoying meeting new people ?


yeah, its been ok, only on a tuesday so far but i missed last tuesday and its off until the first tuesday in October, i did an investigation and wend to Edinburgh and we have a folder we have been filling in, its been ok but i kind of done the same thing at college but that stuff is out of date, i have a lot more going on now.

What do you mean about having a folder to fill in? What is this course?

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its about volunteering, its an sqa accredited course, we’ve been filling in a folder like a workbook, describing what we are doing and talking about the skills required to do voluntary work and what we get out of it, its very good, we’ve done an investigation too

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