I stand alone to day , don't ask beause this is what i wound say

my support teem has hit a all time low, taking all my money ,time, and truthful support I can give, and left me , with there dirty dishies, sni commets and broken promises they never intend keep right from the start. hell even my srink said he didn’t feel that he could help me this last appointment. jump off my not be the ansewer but staying around isn’t either. no pill or saint can help me now. with out a good base I can’t recover.


fk them as$holes Drzen, your better than them


@DrZen I’m sorry that you’re having a tough time. It’s disappointing when you feel you can’t count on the people around you. Hopefully things start looking a little brighter soon.

This kitten is flipping off all those unhelpful people for you DrZen


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