I spent a lot of time here today

A couple of weeks ago i was talkng about leaving the forum but during lock down it has helped keep my sanity… all of you are amazing thank you all for being here…

I am gradually increasing the lamictal dose… i sometimes feel weird on it … like today maybe it was a better day i have been engaging with people more on here… sometimes though I realise i only keep to my own threads more than i should, not that i don’t look at other threads but i want to spend more time out of my own topics.

sometimes i feel i like im being me me me… and i know and acknowledge it… i don’t want to be that person.


Be “you you you” until you feel okay about things. There’s no hard and fast rule about that. The game is about finding your comfort. Homeostasis.

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When I say me me me, i mean i am so absored in my own thoughts usually… i want to be able to get out of my head and see other people…

I get that.

My take on that is you need to quell the brain inflammation to stop your faculties from being overstimulated. Then you’ll get bored of yourself and want to do things.

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Is there any virtual volunteering you can be part of? That’ll give you a set amount of time to focus on others to start with. Over time, you can increase how much you focus outward instead of inward.

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thats a good point actually, maybe i can ask samaritans… im guessing would reqiire some training.

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It’d still be good for you even if you have to do a little training. They don’t make volunteer work complicated.

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That’s ok, everyone uses the forum how it suits them best. I definitely have certain types of posts I look at and participate in more than others.

As for how much I go on here, usually if I get on I’ll just get on at night before I go to bed. Sometimes just for like 5-10 mins sometimes for like 2 hours.

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I don’t consider you a me, me, me person. Your threads may be personal but you aren’t trying to get attention by posting them. It has been more of what you just stated - feeling a need to be here to ground you, maintain your sanity. I know i feel like at times. Thanks for your posts.


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