I speak from avalon (metaphorically)

the place beyond the mists, where those who are immune to magic dwell. the world of man is made possible by magic. that is to say, hypnotism, conformity trance, schizophrenia of which all men suffer. some of you see this consciously, others unconsciously. i write my own words in hopes of guiding men out of the mist, and i invite you to read them at

I get it when the acorn says, “I am a mighty oak.”


does not the mighty oak tell what it is?

let me explain, then, to ye of little faith. schizophrenia is a product of man’s language and knowledge, and the world. it’s a conformist world, in a psychological way you can’t fathom. it is the source of autism, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, and so forth.
all men are given a “magic circuit” or “inner-dialogue”. vocalization patterns in the mind is unnatural, and unnecessary. conscious thinking is “the deceiver” always, so all thoughts and words in the mind can be ignored. that is how you tell what is real or not. if it’s something that only exists in word-form, ignore it. you need only rely on your senses. it is only knowledge (names for things) that and the world that require you to use your mind like that. which is a divided way to use it. the unconscious that you are separated from is vastly superior, but when you’re using words, you’re looking at just a piece of the puzzle at a time, in a confounded way.

I know what you mean I am experiencing it. In my understanding there is a greater sense of reality accessible through the “heart” that is very easily shut down using the conscious mind, which is just another layer of “understanding” based on the language we use to think and talk to each other. Yet we think this reality when it is just what “we” have created though our own will. I believe Avalon is a place of death and I am speaking from a place a death too. I was put to death and only revived with hope in Christ though the hear-mind system. Which is a different language than what “we” use. Yet I believe it is a language too and as the Bible says “everything was created with the Word” which is Jesus Christ. Does this make sense ?

The “Matrix” is what we have collectively created in matter, thoughts, language, yet God Is and never changes.