I sort of started a problem

I think Raccoons are pretty cool. If you’ve ever seen them eat eggs… it’s a fun thing to watch. Bold raccoons will inspect the egg, crack open the egg and then eat the egg and wash their little hands. They have thumbs… :thumbsup:

I left an egg out for a raccoon, but then there were two, so I left two out, but then there were three. So then more and more and now there are so many raccoons in our yard at night the neighbors are complaining.

My sis has been putting on thick rubber boots and putting the eggs on the beach so the raccoons will go to the beach and eat, but just like cats now… they line up waiting for her. So they all sit there looking sad and watching the house until my sis comes out in the early morning. But we can’t keep buying eggs for the raccoons. So soon there are going to be a lot of mad raccoons hanging out.

I’ve discovered they also like corn chips and grapes. But we can’t keep buying food for the raccoons. Oh well, it was fun to watch while it lasted.

Oopps… now what?


They will be easy to live trap. Get a live trap & Live trap them and take them to the woods, probably 5 or more miles away…20 would be better…that will also save them, and you from angry neighbors.


precious story…hahahahaha…cute as can be picture…good luck


They love dry cat food too. They are sooo cute eating it with both hands. Problem comes when they get very much larger, and you decide to not feed them any more. They will think nothing of tearing your yard apart looking for anything to snack on. This is where the neighbors usually complain.
Quickly decrease the amount of food and then make sure there isn’t anything remotely looking like food in the vicinity. They will continue to look, but don’t give in. They won’t starve, they are very good at finding something to eat elsewhere.
Don’t give in to their sad eyes or begging either, you will just prolong the enevitable.
They are cute, but never forget they are wild, and should be treated as dangerous. My teacher used to bring his pet raccoon into class everyday on a leash, until one day he bit right through his finger and took the top off.


Racoons can be dangerous, and also carry rabies so you don’t want to get bit by one.
I know someone who did this with a bear! luckily they owned a store so the feeding wasn’t an issue…all the day old foods they had been throwing out back that usually got consumed by smaller creatures finally attracted a 300 lb bear. I saw pictures of it gorging on a huge pile of old food.
they finally had to call Fish & game to come and trap it and take it away to the woods somewhere.

that is way cute.
take care

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A year ago a squirrel wrapped it’s paws around my leg giving me a very sad look. :squirrel:

Had no food for it. :bread:

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In San Francisco zoo there are lots of wild squirrels roaming around. They are so used to people they will climb up your leg to take food from your hand. I saw a Blue Jay fighting a baby squirrel one day a long time ago.


lol the adventures of James and Kid sis

Episode 10: Raccoon Master


This is what they would sound like in a gave making music, them and their forest friends, of course you need some hooves in there for rythym.

May the poor little basstards have their revenge on us.

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