I sort of fell apart

Good news is I have a new phone. I had some trouble setting it up but I just kept pressing buttons and it worked out. Bad news is is I’ve maxed out in the self abuse department, it’s all I can take: I prefer to believe in a tormentor than be alone. I can’t just hide in my apartment all day, I’m about out of food. Also I think I have a cracked tooth that’s come loose. I can’t floss between two of my teeth. I thought about suicide again. It’s like little things are big things. Ever fallen apart a little or a lot?

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I have fallen apart before. It was when I was married to my first husband. He was mean and threatened me into marriage saying if I didn’t marry him I’d never see my daughter again once she was born. His parents told me they’d help him hide her. I called police, family, and lawyers. No one would help me unless he carried out the threat. So I married him and was miserable for 15 years.

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Sorry you’re having a tough time @Jinx

Aww @ZmaGal thats so :pensive:
Have you found a bit of happiness now you and your daughter?

Yes mate i have totally
And everything can be magnified so it gets you down. But usually it only lasts a few days and then i slowly come out the other side of it. I hope you can too x :heartbeat:

Yes! Luckily, I met a great man and married him. He is so good to us. We’re poor financially, but rich in every other way

@ZmaGal Oh that’s good so youve finally got some peace!

(Who needs wealth anyway, its overrated)

I wish you all the best with your new man!

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Thanks so much @spaceoptic !

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I’m sorry @Jinx hang in there.

How are you now?
Do you have any support?
Can you let us know

Yeah i was suicidal recently it lasted a few days. I rang up mh for support a few times which helped. You should do same

I got much better. I did nothing for a day, which was boring, went to sleep and got up and had a pdoc appointment which went well. I was on a manic high then fueled by coffee which mysteriously started having an effect on me. But I came down.

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