I somehow doubt warren buffet invests in sports? maybe im wrong

no intrinsic value, the consumer pay to have their time wasted. it has negative economic value, just a racketeering wealth transfer from productive working class fans to players and owners. of course that didn’t stop micheal jordan from wanting to own a sports franchise, or derek jeter, or alex rodriguez or now lebron james. it’s funny money, “dont do it”

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Warren buffet does make mistakes. But not many


I think he invests in anything and everything that makes him money, but ya, he doesn’t do bitcoin or anything because he hates it but some of his investments might do bitcoin, which is weird.

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i would say investing in what you know is the best thing to do. Warren buffet is one of my hero’s and one thing he said was he “Stays within his circle of competence”. he invested in coca cola and wriggleys because he understands it.

If one understands sports and the sports industry then maybe its a good investment for them. At the end of the day its an industry that people spend billions of dollars on every year


@Lifer im upset with your up and down feelings on sports

One day you’ll love them

The next you hate on them

At least make up yo mind!!!

I know it’s been a minute since u were keen on sports but I remember you being a fan in the past

Go Yankees nets jets rangers and UConn ps. :smile:


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