I snapped I finally snapped

I started throwing ■■■■ at the ceiling after my bf started talking about me stinking up the bathroom and kept calling me a hoe i know he’s playing but it pissed me off. I cussed the neighbors out from my room.

in my experience, medicine mostly makes me calm. and if I ever get upset over the limit, I might let a few choice words spew out my mouth, but the little fire in me goes out quickly.

just remember, someone (or multiple people) love you more than you realize.

thanks for posting and letting us know your situation.


People be people don’t let him get to ya

Nobody calls you a hoe. You hallucinate


I think she meant her bf did it jokingly. Not a funny joke, by any means, but I don’t think she hallucinated it.

I’m sorry it got to you today, Roxanna. I hope tomorrow is better. I know you don’t want more meds changed, but i really think maybe it’s time. You deserve better than this. There are so many med options out there.

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