I smoke 6 cigarettes when I wake up

How many cigarettes do you smoke when you wake up?

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That s too much.i quit smoking 10 years ago.but as far as remember i used to smoke 2 cigarette with coffee in the morning.

Someday you’ll probably wish you’d never seen a cigarette in your life. There are better things to be addicted to.


What are the better things to be addicted to?

None. Quit smoking over 28 years ago.

You’re committing suicide in stages.

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I’ve gone through twenty after waking a few times, disgusting habit. It really is. Hope you want to quit eventually and it brings you good because I’m in the process myself, and whilst I can’t say I agree with not doing it. I do know it has benefits upon benefits over being a smoker (the harms of which I actually don’t care for, except the cost unfortunately - I’ll actually pick it up again when I’m done with my plan in terms of goals as far as education is concerned, or if I relapse into psychosis)

6 on waking up would be like a 100 a day?!! That’s something I’ve never done,smoked.

We rarely do that…Like do you live alone or??

Six is nothing. When I did got some sleep in the night then I smoke for two or three hours straight in the morning. Three cigarettes per cup of coffee. And I have two or three cups of coffee, after that I drink tea. Sometimes I smoke three in a row in the morning. Lighting up right after I have finished one.

I just not smoke so much later on. And I suffer from insomnia since beginning this year. So it will be that I smoke the whole day and the whole night.

cigarettes arent for everyone…

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