I smile when I feel fearful

Last week,when I was at my therapy,I said to my therapist that she seems like a cheerful person because she smile a lot.She then told me she smile because she’s feeling ____.Cant remember the reason

A few days ago during a basketball meetup with my friends,I talked to a person and we talked about smiling,he revealed that when he gets anxious he would then smile to overcome the anxiousness.I really thought this was a very good way to fight anxiousness

Yesterday when I got back home I started to think about when I always smile or why I smile.I find that when I am feeling fearful or scared then I would smile,and I smile to most person that I met BECAUSE I am feeling scared(social phobia).Now I understand myself a little more at least and can work towards my fear

Do you guys know the reason why you smile or even laugh?

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I read an article a while ago that sad just the act of smiling can improve a person’s mood. Since then, I have tried to smile when I am sad about something, and sometimes it works to cheer me up. Sometimes I just feel too sad to snap out of it, though.


i just wet my pants… :smiley: !?!
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A smile takes effort for me unless i get overwhelmed to a real laugh

I smile when I see something or hear something or feel something that tickles my ickle.

Mostly really ■■■■■■ up jokes or my symptoms. I get off on when it gets out of control. It makes me feel something other than zoned in on something. I also smile when I see other people happy, but what makes me happy is mostly my own experience of pain. I come from the background of pain being a symptom of gain.

I laugh at pretty messed up things that aren’t supposed to make people laugh like “a guy got a DUI while driving a school bus”

No one else thought it was funny but it made me hysterical.

I smile at family and friends and sometimes to myself when I’m having out of control hallucinations and delusions.

It’s not really okay but it’s nothing, it’s trivial.

I hate forcing smiles.

I always smile at raw wit and intelligence, especially sarcasm.

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Cool thread!..

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Smiling while anxious can be a strategy to cope, but it might give the wrong impression to the other person. I think it’s better to show you’re anxious cos it then will become easier for the other person to understand you.

Ppl are much nicer than you imagine, so don’t be scared to show you’re scared!

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