I slept very well and I feel it in my mind

Basically I get all kinds of new thoughts in my mind, for example this my original quote.

It is easier to adapt to be with different types of people than to change these people to be like oneself.

I am also happy that my father is doing well at the elderly care facility, I saw him yesterday. Excellent.


I found this on the net …


nah, it’s adaptability…

don’t trust the net

I liked it because right now I think dolphins are cool.

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mermaids > sirens > dolphins

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FYI sir boring you haven’t been actually replying to me so I haven’t been getting the notifications that you have. Don’t know if you are doing that on purpose or not.

I am currently listening to Finnish patriotic music, some thoughts came to my mind, it is our 100-year anniversary in this year, I’ll be 50, we are a small nation with a little over five million people with a relatively big country area, and maybe one reason why we have been able to survive is that we have been able to adapt to the changing world when the world has changed, just my thoughts.

I have a dolphin tattoo on my ankle. I also love the Miami Dolphins.

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Great quote. I love Stephen Hawking.

Our lives are so precious, when I returned back to Finland from the USA in 2002 one of my goals was to help my father to live long, he had all kinds of problems and my life with him was such a rollercoaster sometimes, we went to the hospital many times, I counted 32 times, but he is doing currently quite well and I am happy. Many of his old friends have already died such as one very religious man nine years ago who tried to help my father. Our lives are so precious. My father’s birthstone is emerald.


Do not give him too much credit for that one. It has been established long time ago in psychological theories on intelligence that one dimension of it is the ability to adapt to change. He just reads a lot :wink:

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