I signed up for guitar lessons

I can’t get my form completely figured out. I’m most comfortable with my thumb extended horizontally, but I know most people say to keep thumb in middle back of neck vertically. I have a difficult time reaching strings and expanding fingers like this, so I guess I need some pointers from a pro. Don’t want to develop bad habits.

So anyway, starting Monday, I’m taking lessons for at least a month(Have to pay for a month in advance). Will have to see if I still feel I need them after that.


good for you…that should really help.


That’s the smartest way to go. Wish I had. Really.

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Good luck! Sounds fun!

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An excellent idea!

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Nice man have fun with it :blush:

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That sounds good. They should help you.

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Heres an update on my practice song. I think I’m improving. I don’t use the sheet music anymore. Going off memory instead.

I’m still a little delayed when switching frets on certain sections because fingers don’t reach without moving hand, but I think it’s better.

I just hope that I’m not developing bad habits that I have to correct.

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