I shouldn't flush the toilet at bedtime

It sounds like muffled voices when I do ,and kicks off my ‘There’s a presence in the flat’ thinking that tends to occur at night.

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The toilet voices are always ■■■■■■■■. I tell them to ■■■■ of in I’m in a good mood. Are they still heckling at you?

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It goes when the flushing noise goes, but by then my mind is working overtime , and not in a good way.

I have never heard voices in the flushing of the toilet. I’m sure that’s scary. When I hear voices, it’s almost always men in the house who want to get me. At night, when my guinea pigs make noise (knocking around their bowl and houses, etc), I can’t tell if it’s them, voices I’m hearing, or someone really in the house.

I used my sister’s blow dryer to dry my hair today for the first time in many years, I heard screaming. It really upset me. I remember why I don’t use the dryer and got rid of mine.

Really f****ed up my sleep. Cleaner comes at 9.30 , and by the time I was ready for sleep I thought I’m bound to be asleep when she knocks , and not hear her. It’s not a loud knock.

i have never heard voices in the toilet bowl but i have heard whispers while showering, i did enjoy it though bc the whispering sounded kind and it made me feel safe to be in a confined space with the whispering. when im out in the house i would hear knocking, footsteps, bits of conversation ect among everyday ‘normal’ noises and it would get worse at night and become very frightening and threatening

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