I Should Feel Bad For The Things I Did Today But I Don't

First I was speaking with a girl about the movie Moana as I always do and the crab that wants all the shiney stuff. She says she is that crab so I tell her she looks like she deserves alot of shiney things.

Anyway I said I had to go and she remarks that how can I hit her with a smooth line like that and then leave. I tell her I’m sorry, I’m a bad boy. And she says that doesn’t make it easier.

And later on I think I laughed at the wrong thing and made someone feel bad for no reason. Making the whole convo awkward and probably forever.

And the terrible part is I don’t feel bad about any of that. I’ve been trying to make myself feel bad but I cannot. My ego is too huge. My power is too much for me to control.

I’d be careful. That kind of thing can make some women retaliate. What you did probably isn’t good, but it isn’t just horrible either. I’d try not to do it again, but it’s not like you should go into therapy over it.

It’s not like I do it on purpose. I actually thought it was the wrong thing to say and her reaction was a huge suprise to me.

You should feel bad… for that pickup line. An absolute disgrace!

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