I shared this on my blog, on Google plus, and now here, and I might put it on Linked In

I had a group of women follow me on Linked In and start attacking me. I finally had to block all of them, something I can only do on my phone, though I did figure it out. It was an attack on my life style, choices, and then appearance.

When I give my opinions with many other of them, I’m called an idiot, you know nothing, you’re stupid. Constantly they call me, Libtard, and constantly use the ‘r’ word when making any of their arguments. This is mainly the men.

The other day I was called the lowest form of life on earth, because I gave the stat that on average there are 22 servicemen suicides a day, and it’s unacceptable, and he said I never served my country and have to business talking about it, among many other names.

There was a woman last night named Kamany Divina Princess, (brainless) and she came to the defense of a guy who was criticized, and I told her I think this guy can defend himself, and doesn’t need you, well, she and about 6 people started saying how wrong I am, and that she is a part of family of friends, she kept saying I’m hot, you’re not, and attacks on appearance,

and I tried hard to get some jabs in to these women that love men that love women who love to look in the mirror, she called me every name, but the one guy said I sit around writing which does nothing while people like them serve their country, and anybody can put pen to paper, so I told them goodbye, and I hope I don’t go back, and this guy said, do you promise you’re gone? Nobody came to my defense. They want to give any opinion, but then attack when someone criticizes them.

there’s a lot more about Linked In that I’ve gone through, but this is the highlights.

I went back to yesterday, trying find another place, instead of abuses on Linked In.

I text lots of people in bed last night that I don’t want to live anymore. It’s because I’m fearful I’ll never be treated well again.

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Maybe avoid fighting online if it is triggering for you? Generally not a good idea to devote your time to doing things that take away your will to live. :confounded: Hope you’re feeling better soon.

@Daze I hope you find some peace. You sound very unhappy and that makes me sad.

thanks for reading this post. All of you know we have to share our stories, if not we wouldn’t be on this site. That was my only purpose of posting it, for awareness.

I know it’s tempting to make an evaluation on myself after I posted this, and though I do want to do it for awareness, once again it’s lost on the public.

It’s a risk we take.

disappointed by what the new generation has done to the older generation.

There is no anger. There is no outrage.

the human connection that destroys, cannot be seen when it is seen as a hardship exclusive to one.

This is our world, so much ■■■■■■■■ everywhere, and I know I for one don’t accept.