I Share My Mind Space with a Pretend Telepath O_O

The title may signal a red flag to you, but I do not mean anything like the sci fi beliefs about things that are above nature, thus they call them “supernatural.” No, nothing like that.

What I mean is very conventional, and I pretend nothing. I don’t pretend that my brain makes a split mind. All brains make a split mind easily and readily all day every day. Skhizen Phrene, the ancient Greek words for, "Split Mind, are the root words in the term, “schizophrenia.”

I have noticed that a lot of people do not like the world schizophrenia because it has a stigma attached to it first, and because the world implies “split mindedness.” I, however, disagree with this opinion. I think that it is accurate, but I’ve studied anthropology and other phenomena for tens of thousands of hours in my life while taking no opinionated bias towards anything mentioned here.

So let me get to it. :slight_smile:

First of all, when a person is talking to another person or people, the person’s mind is shared with those people not telepathically at all but through conventional means such as sights, sounds, memories, deductive reasonings all related to that person/s. There’s a culmination of data that is mentally presented as the mind in the mind space, and the person observing the person/s shares mind space with them.

That is a splitting. It’s what I call the “splityness.” It is very common and day to day. Our mind is partially the environment around us, and it is partially ourselves. This too is a form of mind splitting. When we are dealing with objects, our mind is partially ourselves, and it is partially the object.

The mind is information because information represents what it is not, and that is all that our mind does. The brain produces the mind out of it physiological rendering processes after processing information. When the is rendered, it is then what we can perceive. Before it is rendered by the brain organ, it is not perceptible. This matter has confused people for thousands of years causing them to believe that the elements in the mind are coming from beings that are outside of the body including from other people all of which is considered something called telepathy which is not real with brains. Because people did not realize that mind was coming from the brain, they fell into the sci fi religious beliefs and practices of belief in telepathy even with beings that did not exist. You can see ancient history is littered with all kinds of religions and cults that came and went, some fast, and some slow. They all pretended, and they gathered to pretend, and sometimes they killed each other to pretend that their sci fi was really happening.

What they were doing, and what people still to this day are often doing, and even what I had been doing most of my life until last year when I found circumstantial evidence to debunk my beliefs was that their brains believed for so many years in each of their lives that their minds were coming from agents outside of the brain, that their brains simply made another self.

There was the original mental self, and there was the “other mental self” which represented that telepathic god or whatever it was they believed they were in telepathic reach with. The brain readily makes these two mentally now and back then 14,000 years ago. The whole world for a time was this way for 9,000 up to about 3,000 BC when writing began to emerge, thus signs of reversing this “bicameral mindedness” began to show up in history.

Bicameral mindedness just means “two chambers.” It is another way of saying “Skhizen Phrene.” Extremente is another way of saying so. Long ago in Europe the “Doppleganger” was an attempt to describe this debilitating “mind splitting.”

So the brain may think that it is the person it is talking to and the person that it is physically connected to. It may think it is the object it is working with, and the person that it is physically connected to. There are no rules that say brains cannot do this. There are tests done with fake hands, and the brain can be convinced that the fake hand is physically attached to the brain. The brain is versatile in this way which is interesting, and I simply call this the “splityness.” It’s really not a big deal, and everyone should know this as common sense.

It’s when the brain produces a very convincing telepathic alternate self in the mental space that the splityness becomes a problem so much that it creates chemical imbalances which debilitate survival and most successes in life such as sociality and home keeping.

If I regard anything in my mind as not of my brain, then I consider it to be real beyond simply just information. If I regard what I call “my mental self” anything beyond simply just mental information, then I may consider anything else as “more than simply just mental information” as if it I were more than just letters and pictures on a page. If I consider mental information as more than that, then I am in a fallacy, and I am pretending, so I will always be socially confused, and I will have a hard time succeeding at things such as simply reading or watching shows on TV or online.

But if I consider everything including what I categorize as myself as mental information, then I can begin to process information logically thus rationally. I’ll wind up with a much more practical outcome in life on a moment to moment basis, day to day.

I must practice this, so that I’m not pretending anything like the “telepathic other mind” which my brain pretends into existence within my mind space doesn’t ever become more than just information. If I allow it the informationous value of being more than just mental information rendered from my brain organ, that is when it becomes a mental disorder which can be dangerous if not just disruptive of my normal day to day lifestyle.

Splityness is normal, every day stuff for all mind including other species’ minds, but this ancient “bicameral mindedness” (reference Julian Jaynes, Jennifer Arnstay) is just pretend and terrible for living practically. It’s too late for me though. I believed that it was really people, immortal everything monsters such as gods and inter dimensional beings, and so my brain makes up this kind of “telepathic pretend character” as part of my mind space too readily. This very, very historically common mind disorder is simply a matter of disorganized facts such that constitute pretending, and I have reversed this state of mind enormously since I began to study these things a year ago.

I don’t believe that this relates to the meds situation at all here. I think that meds is personal. No matter whether you are sz, down syndrome, or you are just stressed and trying to go to the next level at what you do in your life, all of this information about normal and pretend splityness can give you some truthful perspective on yourself and your species now and in the past.

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Thanks for sharing. Very informative.

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I really like the way you work hard to analyze and break down the perspective of a sz. I get a little lost in all the words, but still feel like i learned a little. A related note, it amazes me how we can build very complex constructs in our mind and have a solid understanding of them personally, to the point where we can make valuable application of these ideas in our lives. But the effort to translate them into words, and essentially transmit them to anothet is always wrought with information loss.

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Socrates used to say that he’d never write because of how much that is normally and healthily inferred is lost through writing rather than speaking. I like the guy’s nature because he was one of the first mindologists breaking the pretend bubble that the myth believing, bicameral world had been doing for 9,000 years up to his time.

I have written for thousands of hours over the decades, and I’ve often had to improvise when I ran into concepts that I could not just label as easily as common concepts, so I always had to devise a metaphor or analogy of some kind, or I had to do my best smithing a new word which is no crime. I have just had to define it in multiple places throughout my writing, so the meaning was not somehow lost.

In general I always suggest that when reading or listening to new concepts, pin point what is the subject in each sentence or each concept first. Once you have it, then the rest of the words should almost always be the descriptive predicate part of the sentence. So you are either defining the subject, or you are defining the predicate. Once you’ve defined them either by searching for an understanding of them online, your dictionary, encyclopedia, youtube, etc, or you have just quoted the writer, and asked the writer, then you will get the idea of what was inferred by the words.

And if you do this habitually, your brain will work more analytically automatically in an impressive way to you as this is using logic thus is a rational use of the brain platform or utensil. Also you increase your vocabulary and intellectually which is always a powerful thing to do.

I digress a little from the topic here, but I always suggest to everyone that in intellectual pursuits they use the torch of the Trivium logic key to light there way, so that they can always check to see if they are pretending or not. Often in high intellectual pursuits people wind up in pretend rather than on the rational definition of reality which they are seeking. Had I have had this before developing sz, I’d be a very different person now, and I’d never have been carried away by the waking dream of pretending that sz takes so many away with leading randomly from one irrationality to the next just like the way that dream story lines proceed.

I did not read what you wrote, but wanted to say you write well and seem to be pretty intelligent. I’m glad sz did not take your writing ability away.


Hey, wow. Thanks. :grinning:

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