I seriously want to end my life

I’m not in good shape. I have severe lower back pain now in addition to my chronic foot pain. Walking is difficult for me. Now that sitting and sleeping brings a lot of pain too. I think it’s the medication I am just walking downslope fast. I lost my hope. I might cut short my life. It’s not one that I want to live.

Please hold on @goggles!! We’re here for you.

What have the doctors said about your back and foot pain?

In my neighbourhood there’s this old man with a cane, that can barely walk. I can see he has terrible pain in doing so, but he never gives up, he spends all day walking very slowly around the neighbourhood just because he still can. He goes to the coffee shop, he walks in circles around the blocks. He never gives up. He could just stay at home and feel sorry for himself, but he goes out and takes a whole minute to maybe take three or four steps. He’s an inspiration for me.


Maybe you could go to a hospital, you may want to call the emergency number and request people to come and help you.

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I can’t find resolution to my pressing problems. I’m still gaining weight. I’ll reach 200 lb in a year or two. The med makes me gain weight. But my body can’t support that weight. I used to be really slim.

I have talked to my psychiatrist who refuse to make any referral for me. People told me to go to the emergency room. There’s news report the emerge ncy room is too full they asked people stop going to them. I ask my mom should i go for a general practitioner. I have tried many times but I can’t make an appointment on the hotline. Everytime it says its full. I can go to a private but i dont have money I’ll probably use up all of my savings. Also, I’m uncertain if they can help me. I read about plantar fasciitis and it seems to be non treatable.

If you are thinking about ending your life because of the pain you are in, then it is absolutely an emergency. I would go to the ER and tell them how you are feeling.


You make a point.

You should definitely go to the ER.

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@goggles, do you ice the plantar fascia? This and rolling a tennis or small ball under your foot could provide some relief. Also stretching the plantar fascia by gripping your toes and stretching them upward.

They say you need to wait for 6 hours for emergency situations. My friend asks me not to go right now because it’s the flu season there are too many people.

Could you just ask emergency people to come and talk with you, maybe you could find some solution in this way.

I have tried rolling a golf ball under my feet. Some relief but the pain keep coming back. My foot are very stiff. Now that i have lower back pain I’m restricted in motion.

I have never heard of that. I dont know. I’m moving like a 80 yo now. Need to climb.

Maybe you could find a doctor to prescribe pain medication for you. Also, you could check into alternative therapies, like acupuncture, or a back and body specialist (I can’t remember what they call those guys. It’s driving me crazy.)

chiropractors :smile:

I know. I looked it up. Thanks for coming to my aide, though.

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There’s a real possibility that things could get better. I’ve been up in my life and I’ve been way down in my life. I’m sorry your in pain I happen to have arthritus in my lower back. I have to baby it and there is a lot of things I can’t do now that I used to do before. My life has sucked so bad sometimes that you wouldn’t believe it. But man, I am so glad I stuck around.

try a cbd infused rub. great for all sorts of pain, my boss swears by it.