I seriously doubt I'll get my job back and here's why

When I left I went out on disability it was because I overheard the person who was second in command suborn perjury to the hearings officer. It was a case that I had personal knowledge about that we owed the applicant a lot of back aid but for some reason they didn’t want to pay it. They wanted to save face? They act as if the money was coming out of their checking account.

Anyway, I had had enough of this manager, her evil ways, her racism, her favoritism, her ignorance, her cheating and lying and I wrote a thirteen page letter to the state outlining the laws that she had broken and the rules she wasn’t following. The state sent an investigator to interview me but did little more than send a letter out to all counties reminding them of certain rules.

I took up advocacy and helped several people file hearings against the county to get their back aid paid to them when the county had made a mistake.

Eventually I had to get back to work and I left that all behind me. Since then New managers who know what they are doing have been hired and it would be nice to do the job with people who know what they are doing. But by my reputation I probably can’t get hired. They probably think I’m insane.

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