I sent my first private message

Gtx1990, read your mailbox. I normally do not do pms.

Is everything al right @mjseu and @Gtx1990 ?

I just try to help Gtx1990. He could also take some martial arts lessons to build his self-confidence. I have noticed that he has some major issues with his self-confidence.


Thanks @mjseu

Thank you @mjseu for your effort and advice

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Gtx1990 is at the same age today when I was in America when I started studying some martial arts, especially reading the art of war by Sun Tzu, the life is a funny thing,I was a different person then without these voices and other things, but 22 years ago I gave the art of war book as a business gift to one person and now this person is in China in a quite high commercial position and has the rank of major in one military service. I remember the year 2003 when the Chinese Premier visited the White House and he gave a silk copy of this book, the art of war to then the President of the USA, George Bush as a gift.

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I read the art of war and the only bit I can remember is about using spies!