I seem to be doing better on zoosk

maybe bc i have a little job now and a better car its given me more confidence to chat to women, i think i have more to give now, not just a guy with mental illness but someone who is trying to work and can drive and do more things


If you didn’t have a car or a job you’ll still be you and you are pretty amazing person and a job and car and your mental illness isn’t what defines you it’s your attitude to life. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks @anon80629714 i think i have a better attitude to life now as well :slight_smile:


Is it better than tinder?

i think its easier but everyone is different, maybe its just a better time for me to do it.

i didnt like tinder tbh x

ya thats what I was thinking too, i had a better attitude going into tinder before but now I’m in a bit of a rut and find dating sites intimidating

Hmm… Be careful.


Edit: check out the comments on that blog too.

Nice post, Ish!