I see the dermatologist next monday...scared

I am 57 and have never seen a skin doctor before…I always thought of it as an age spot under my eye but my mom said, “you better get that checked out” so monday I will find out if I need to have it removed or not…it will leave a nasty scar if it’s cancer because my ex wife had skin cancer on her nose and they cut a huge hole in her nose…felt bad for her. There goes my looks.


Better safe than sorry @jukebox. You’re a guitarist.
Worry more about your hands than your looks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Upload a pic? I used to work for a dermatologist.

oh I wish I could…I don’t have capability of showing a pic…sorry…I would love to know and thanks for caring.

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No problem. Yw. I’ve personally had around 15 miles removed.

Good luck, and take care! :hugs:

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Yes it is good to periodically go to a dermatologist especially if you have had a lot of nasty sunburns like me. I have had two basal cell carcinomas already. It’s better to catch it early.

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Best wishes. Good thing you are getting it checked. I had a cancer scare about two years ago when high proteins were found in my system so I know how it feels.

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Mate. Try being out here in our sun. I’m booked in monday for my yearly skin check but I’ve missed a year and I’m out in the bloody sun all the time.

It’s simple. Get checked once a year and things found early really can make a big difference in the modern world. Lots of really good things coming online for skin cancer and such.

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