I See My New Therapist Today (With Updates)


A New Therapist!.

I See Her In A Couple Of Hours. I Have Transportation That Will Be Carrying Me There Soon.

I Seen Her Once Before, Month’s Back. But!, Remember Absolutely Nothing She Said. . .

Not Intentionally Trying To Forget. It’s Jus I Sometimes Get Overwhelmed & My Focus Blurs. Leaving Distant, And Sometimes Even Closer Memories Vacant With No Remidner To Grasp.

No Blame On Her In All Reality.


Point Is…, I’m Excited, A Bit Nervous. As I Usually Am, Leaving The Comfort Of The Usual.


I Plan On Asking Her One Question. . .,

And That Is…, How Do I Get Back Into My Own Personal Sphere Of Existence.

Meaning…, How Do I Zero In My Focus On Myself In A Positive Way And Slow Down.

I Sometimes Find Myself Slightly Erratic, Nothing Really Obvious Externally. Not Usually. But Sometimes. But!, More So Like A Vibrating Static Of Energy That Can’t Find It’s Calm. . .

Enough About Me, (I Plan On Getting Back After The Appointment To Let You Gals And Guys Know What Her Advice Is), But If You Could Ask Her A Question What Would That Be?.

Who Knows, I Might Write Some Thoughts Down, And Bring In Some Updates For Your Not So Personal Problems. Since Thus Is A Public Space. But!, Maybe Something You’ve Been Wondering.

Free Therapist (!!!).

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. It’s Not Going To Be A Secret. I’m Going To Let Her Know I Asked For Questions. And If You Do Have A Question Or Two. I’m Not Going To Share Any Private Information. Serious.

Good luck with everything @Sleystic!

Best of luck from me too.

I hope it goes well!

Good luck.

I hope you click with your therapist and that it goes well

good luck with the appointment @Sleystic

i don’t know what you could ask her though… it depends on what is going on in your life…


Seriously, Thank You For The Replies Everyone.

Let’s Jus Say, The Ride Went Well.

Thread’s Canceled.

At Least Mine Is. . .

Best Of Wishes To Anyone Else With A Currently Great Or New Therapist!

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