I see demons?


i see demons. yea

i see angels

i hear them


yea, i see and hear that stuff as well , i like all that stuff, i feel i have a family with them around .
take care


they arent family to me but they do put fear in me.

they make me thiink and rethink life.

i came up with a theory called calculating apples. where the more you collect in life the better ur chance n going to hell


if you do wrong you go to hell, i see hell below my feet , and they grab at me, i can feel them, it does not bother me, if i go there after this existence it does not bother me, pretty much nothing bothers me.
i have never figured that out why nothing bothers me !
if your theory is right wow my whole world is demons and devils, i have these dark angels they have followed me around for a long time probably 20 years i saw their faces not long ago they had the faces of sith, they are my kind, hence dark sith. still does not bother me !
they are always there they wear dark cloaks, heads bowed, i find it comforting.
take care


Last year on a whim I put my night vision monocular on my digital camera and aimed it at the voices coming from inside the mirror doors on my closet-not, mind you, from inside the closet, but from inside the mirror on the doors themselves.
There appeared a distinct devilish face with 4 friends hanging
Over it’s shoulder.
Pretty neat picture.


that is really cool i love that stuff.
take care


i chalk certain conspiracies up to the catholic church.

is there a vendetta? idk you tell me.


i want my name cleared out of this hhell hole the catholic church has made for me AND IM NOT EVEN CATHOLIC.