I scream and shout and dance

is it hypomania or disorganised symptom?


I talk fast and gibberish. I shout with all the power of my lungs.

I called doc and he told me to take an Ativan and call him back later.

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I do grimaces with my face. I am out of control.

I have positive voices

after a long period of negative symptoms I rejoice again. omg. my mind is super clever & rapid.

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it seems like hypomania but I wonder if the silliness is a disorganised symptom. anyone can help?

Scream shout and dance? Sounds like hyper mania :slight_smile:

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yeyeyeh and after so long time I am finally happy. over-happy, too happy. I can conquer the world. voices are supportive and positive. all past is vanished.

so either my first diagnosis of schizoaffective was true or my latest diagnosis of undifferentiated is true and I have some hebephrenic symptoms…

I had a lot of energy, it was a relief from negative symptoms but doc says it was anxiety that couldn’t be expressed. thus I was shouting and screaming gibberish, but what about the good energy, good voices etc? he didn’t understand well my situation

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