I scare people

Just today, two people told me I scared them when they came across me unexpectedly. I feel a little sensitive about it. Maybe I’m too abrupt.


For some reason almost everyone I have ever met has told me that they were scared of me before they got to know me, then once they really get to know me, they return to being scared of me again.

I simply enjoy it, people leave me alone, I find it is better this way; though it is not what I intended.


I think that I make others take advantage of me.
It’s my passive, awkward nature.


Maybe they meant they were startled, as you said it was unexpected.

Aw @pretzel, you’re probably just too quiet.
If you stand in one spot for too long and too quietly, you will fade into the walls according to others eyes, and they forget about you.
Then, if you reappear suddenly, they act like you’ve transformed into something monstrous, usually it’s because they’ve been caught with their finger in their nose.

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