I say he had arms made out of spiders, limburger and lemons

Just getting even with a piano teacher I hated.

I’m scared to hate people in case I get ill…

I have this feeling that hatred can make me ill.

I don’t like not liking people because I know it makes me uncomfortable to be not liked myself, yet sometimes it’s such an easy state to go into, to not like someone. And like difficult to like them.

Well, I figure he earned the right to be hated the way sie tried to control me. It’s just honesty of feelings. I don’t want to lie and try to say nice things about sim.

OK. Fair enough. Maybe it’s OK to hate. Perhaps it builds protective boundaries right. As long as one doesn’t act on it in a violent way.

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I am small. Sie was tall. I’d never have a chance in a violent confrontation anyway.

Are you suggesting that you’d confront violently if they weren’t tall.

When I am hurt, I want to hurt back. I’ve got more control than I used to have. Now, I still glare at people when I’m angry. Also, I’m learning to speak up better.