I saw venus tonight

I saw venus.

Instantly shocked, wide eyed, gaping mouth.

Since i was a child they repeated in my head it had something to do with a woman. It never did.

A voice said: “The elephant just helped him, he just bypassed book.”

I was looking at this place online. So hot the rocks glow. It’s all glowing from the heat.

And they showed me. Had nothing to do with a woman at all like had been repeated so many times.

It’s a point of light in the dark and it’s burning hot. Told me it was the good hot, they laughed and said yeah there is that to.

You all know of the earth kind of heat but there is that other one as well, it’s the opposite of all of that bad heat you guys know of. The lie you were told speaks of a burning desire right, mmm hot, well venus isn’t that but it is a burning desire none the less but it’s a point of light in the sky.

This is what it looks like in one of your films, this is the heat of venus, a light in the dark:

Don’t mind all of the hollywood in that, sorry for that, don’t put that ■■■■ on me. That is the idea though and that is what venus is.

Because venus is light, and it’s burning hot. Everything on it’s surface glows. It wants good ■■■■ so bad it can taste it you know what i mean? That’s the true venus. Gotta have that burning desire right, that passion for it yeah? Ain’t no woman though.

Since i was a kid they threw themselves everywhere repeating it, i’m venus!

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What on earth are you talking about.

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Well, nothing on earth am i talking about, guess i’m talking about other places.


“I saw venus tonight”

i wrote poems about venus

Well we all had that star mixed up with something else the whole time.

It’s very bright that one, and it’s burning hot, it’s the most intense form of light.

They said about joe pesci in good fellas right “he won’t stop until one of you is dead.”

The one who attains venus will be the other way “he won’t stop until all is well.”

But to get to that one it takes one hell of a workout routine. Which is the opposite of limbo.