I saw my vocational rehab specialist

If you have access to DOR, it’s a great resource for people sz’s who are able and wanting to return to work!

They put me in touch with a person who specializes in vocational rehab at my old university and I see them twice a month.
They got me the job lead for my last job that I held in town, so I’m hopeful they can help me find another one.

They’ve helped me practice mock interviews, they’ve proofed my resumes and cv’s, they’ve found job openings for me and had me apply for them…all kinds of things that have helped my job search run smoother! Without them, I probably would have lost hope and burned out of the job search by now, but they keep me busy.
Most importantly, they’ve been encouraging and enthusiastic. They remind me that I have good qualities, which is really nice of them. It helps shield me from the cold emotionless grips of corporations that chew up and spit out my resume like so much tobacco gum.


I love these success stories! :heart:

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