I saw a new med provider today

I saw a med provider today. He was chosen for me by the clinic to replace the gal I had who resigned. I didn’t like what the new fella offered.


And what was that? Does he want to take you off your Trilafon?

With my last Dr it’s taken awhile for him to begin to believe I know what I’m doing.

Thanks. Well, this fella gave me half of the meds I wanted the way I wanted them. Which is to say, I got the Trilafon tthe way I wanted it, but I did not get the Wellbutrin the way I wanted it. I did get the Provigil the way I wanted it, but I didn’t get either Adivan or Klonopin.

He acted like I was stupid and naive, which I am not. I believe he tried to intimidate me by his personal authority and superiority, which I didn’t buy into.



I hope things get worked out to your liking. I’d hate for someone to mess with my medicine routine, because I would suffer from it. I know what happens when I leave things off. Or change the amount - just a little with some meds.


I am med sensitive - any subtle changes in meds or dosing will throw me off track