I said you wanna be startin' somethin'

Michael Jackson sang that in 1982 about trying to reach out of a life of chronic emptiness.
We with sz have had a long and hard road of suffering. I now know that I, like many people, need some form of activity which lasts a few hours, regularly, to fill my time. I want it to be something I am truly interested in, and not just killing time.
The TV is almost a total waste of time, especially daytime TV.
I don’t think I like hobbies. Also, I don’t follow music closely.
I decided the best I can think of is to read a lot and write about my thoughts. But I need an audience and I am not sure who that could be. I need people to write to.


why not here? or how about write a journal and maybe some day people will publish it

Thanks for the reply. Your idea makes sense.


I second what the_fool said… and am in a boat like yours… have this condition called Polydipsia which is due to anxiety and boredom.

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