I said to my psychiatrist about all my suffering and symptoms

No, I wasn’t trolling.
Why would i troll?
Maybe he doesn’t take seriously
what I’m saying. Anyway.
I will see him tomorrow.

There’s never a problem,
that’s why there’s no solution either.

We are but a dream.
Nothing matters anyway.

Today i was suffering
with many symptoms.
My mind is still a chaos.

Do you have symptoms?

I’m scared hell is real and that I’m going there. That’s why I suffer.

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I believe in hell, as the abode of evil.
In my voices system it’s called Sataniâ.

But i don’t believe there’s possibility
for me to go there.

I’m too pious to go there.
I’m too much in love with my Goddess,
to dump her and go to Lucifer.

You’re lucky then.

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It’s a delusion of yours.
It’s not reality.
But i know how real
delusions look like.

Good luck, dude

How do I really know that? What if I’m just bad? And on this forum but don’t really have mental issues? I don’t think I have any. I think the dictator thing is sort of true.

Did you lower your dosage or stopped your antipsychotic?

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