I said this to my drunk belligerent online friend

Liquid blacked out courage made him come at me again. So I said this to him. Do you agree??

No ones jealous at all of your earnings or your mindset since 12 years old. I’d much rather be sober and financially comfortable than rich and spiritually bankrupt no offense. You can’t ignore my music, sobriety, things that matter to me…and expect me to give a ■■■■ about anything u do. Relationships go two ways. You gotta give to get. Even if u do something u don’t wanna do. I have a sense of self too…but I’m compassionate toward others even when I don’t wanna be That’s how life works.


No fight. Make peace.

What you said to him shows that you indeed have a sense of self. I’m especially impressed by…


Well I deleted the message but he still blocked me. Probably for the better he was a terribly sick miserable person who Brings u down


Good for you @Jonnybegood.
I agree with what you said in so many words.
Sounds like he was just a negative anyways.

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