I said I wouldn't do this

I came out against posting political messages on this site, but I can’t resist this. So I’m a hypocrite. Russian premier Putin is trying to provoke a bombastic reaction from the west. He needs to divert attention from problems at home. If we get really angry about some of his provocative behavior we will just be playing into his hands.

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Trump and Putin have a friendship.

I’m not angry with Putin. I’m a bit scared. He has hyped up our defence politics with his flybys in Swedish territory.

Putin should be doing whatever is in the best interest of Russia’s people. That is his job. But yes he is a sassy man.

He’s trying to provoke a reaction against him because he needs an external enemy to divert attention away from troubles at home.

Putin has been in power since 1999, 17 years, I have been wondering how long will he still stay in power ? Some say Russians need a strong leader, but who would come after Putin?

That’s a scary thought. It could be someone better, but it could be someone worse.