I ruin their footage of me

By giving the middle finger to the cameras. Now they can’t use it


I am also struggling with feelings of being filmed in my own home. The unpredictable, ‘non logical pattern’ tapping in my roof and walls has stressed me so much that I now fear my night terrors /ptsd / panic attacks will return.
The ongoing stress of feeling betrayed / hated / invaded and harassed by this person tapping on my roof and walls for 3 years, making me feel unsafe and I can’t relax, when I do I get a loud tap on the ceiling or im about to drift off to sleep, loud tap on celining
Someone who is doing this deserves jail.
I fear it’s done permanent damage to my constitution and brain mechanisisms including my coping ability with my mental illness, I dont want to relapse into the oblivion and HELL again. Enduring this unessesary abuse is destabilizing me to a point where I fear my illness is being affected.
Makes me angry that this sicko is doing this.
I’ve told the police and everyone I know
I wish they would charge the person and take them away and leave me the f alone forever.

Its quite frightful that someone disrespect me that much that they think its ok to invade my home and tap on my roof and walls like a sex preditor and not come forward to face confrontation so I can know who’s doing this.
Trying to create a double life situation
Trying to create an inappropriate relationship with me
Grooming me for low self esteem behaviours and mind states
Basically trying to ■■■■■■■ ruin my life and brainwash me without me having a chance to say anything in return or share my feelings to let you know I do not like what you are doing, can you stop tapping on my roof and walls trying to dominate me and control me
You have no rights when it comes to me
Just leave me alone already

I highjacked your post but I feel a crime is being committed against me and I need to inform people of this so I can get this to stop happening

You seriously need help @Orbeezlight. I trust you are under care.

Remember to take your medication.

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