I royally screwed up

I thought skipping my morning dose for a few days was going to be no issue but this has been an absolute disaster. Crippling anxiety, a gag reflex that is so intense I can’t even smell food without gagging, I just tried to force down 1 small chicken strip and I have been trying not to throw it up for nearly an hour now, it feels like someone has three fingers shoved down my throat and is literally trying to make me throw up. I am twitching.

Now I am in a difficult position because I want to take my meds normally again, but need to take 500 calories with geodon and it took me several hours to eat one biscuit without triggering my gag reflex and making me want to throw up. I can tell I am weak from hunger because I have barely been able to eat anything in 2 days now. I emailed my old APN explaining the situation and asking her what I should do, I hope she responds even though I am not officially seeing her anymore.

For now I am going to do my best to take my meds normally again, my brother is willing to take the brunt of the driving should I become sedated. This is the most severe reaction to skipping doses I have ever had. I don’t think I will ever be able to quit this med even if I wanted to or it could actually kill me from starvation. I’m scared and miles and miles away from home.

I have the same problem if I skip my dose. To think what would happen to me or us if civilization collapsed…it wouldn’t be good! I get gaggy, flu symptoms, stuffy nose if I miss just one dose.

You could have an eating disorder.

Wow your situation sounds scary. I hope you make it though it alright. I wonder how bad my withdrawal symptoms will get if I stop. I know that I won’t be able to sleep.

yeah geodon half life is too short to not take it twice a day it wouldnt be so bad if it didnt used to make me have panic attacks and brain zaps every time i tried to skip a dose but i think its because it affects serotonin

Hopefully you are asleep now but maybe you can try this:

Also possibly a motion sickness medication (over the counter) might help, but ask the pharmacist about drug interactions.

Yeah like usually when I get withdrawal from meds the worst I get is anxiety which I can deal with bc I just take a benzo until I get over it. But this gagging thing is serious so I definitely would not ever be able to quit this med without professional help. Not that I even want to quit it but the idea just scares me that if something ever goes wrong and I have to go off this is what I’ll have to deal with.

I’m never missing a dose again!!

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I took the morning dose with breakfast and by lunch I was able to eat without gagging again. However it did absolutely knock me out for a good few hours so my brother has had to do all of the driving. I feel bad but not much else to do :disappointed: At least we are on the shorter legs of our trip now.

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