I resisted to talk to a girl but when I do,it always went not good

I keep thinking of this girl,and i think of her but resisted talking communicating to her,it sucks,I always think she is the girl of my life,meaning I see her as only potential girlfriend,which I think is s ■■■■■■■■ thinking

I remember @SurprisedJ told me,try to make friends and not find girlfriend,girlfriend would come next only after you make friends,I will try to understand what surprisej mean

I think of her a lot,I think it sucks for not being dare to do anything and just thinking of her…then when I finally brave up and message her,it’s not good,hope some people here can relate and tell me what’s happening

I think I am a little hateful and a little jealousy…,just a little

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My girlfriend and I started as friends. I wasn’t thinking any long term relationship or dating. Dating can get sort of draining and nerve wracking.

We got to know each other and were just very low key friends.

go to a park and hang out…
go see a football game together

No formal dates that make you and her nervous
No big plans of starting more intimate relations… just maybe ask her out to something simple.

The friendship can definitely grow… but it’s got to start some where.

Good luck


I am 42 and single I have no social life
Sometimes I think go guys I liked in the past
I would really like a decent relationship hard to find
I don’t like internet dating
If I didn’t have this stinking illness I would have better chance
I never meet anyone any more
I’m tired

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Would adding more women in your life help? Like a female therapist, social worker etc. Just to help you bridge the gap of communication between the sexes.


That is a very good idea.

I had a huge hand in raising my kid sister… I had some time where I hung out with my female cousins more then my male ones…

Maybe I take my comfort with girls for granted.


I think that’s a good idea,I had problems with friendship,I wonder if it’s because I had lots of things to hide,like my illness,side effect of the medication


i also dont have a lot to talk about. well i do but i always feel like i have this illness to cover up and hide. its a lot of effort

I’m heading into an age where all the women in my range are taken. I want kids and a life companion if not I will die alone and that’s no fun… :frowning:

What age are you at?
I think they are a lot of people who are not married and they do not have mental illnesses or schizophrenia

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I’m 30.

I’ll take anyone at this point, mental illness or not…

30 is still young,my step sister doesn’t have any mental illnesses and I think she got married one year after know his bf at the age of 34,just do what your suppose to do like taking medication and not taking drug or drink too much alchohol,then pick up something that interest you and preservere with it,good luck


I really wish I had a boyfriend. But I want a serious relationship and college boys are generally dorks who date for sex. (And I have a deep can of worms to sort through when it comes to that area) Also if I did ever have a serious relationship, I’d feel obligated to tell them about my psychosis, which…well I don’t really know how to go about doing.

It really sucks though. I keep having dreams where I find the perfect guy and it always hurts to wake up.

Also what do you mean by when you message her it’s “not good?” What do you message her about?

Hey feel better that you messaged her, that takes a lot of courage! I’m sure she’ll at least want to be your friend. Good luck, hope she replies soon!

Meaning I message her and it sometimes feel awkward,i just don’t know what really to type to her…the problem is I went out with her frequently on August till early October than we don’t meet anymore and message lesser and lesser as time went by…arghh…but I believe in fate,and I will listen to advice like make friends first before entering into BGR

She did replied,she’s a good girl…but I don’t want to cause harm or hard feelings…

Glad she relied! But I don’t think you’ll cause any harm or hard feelings unless you deliberately try to provoke her or hurt her feelings. You’ll do good, keep it up!

Thanks you,@YakDip

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Your brain is just narrowing down potential partners and playing a trick on you so it can leave a trace on the planet in the form of an infant.

It’s called a crush, lemme post a link to an article about them tomorrow morning when I’m not on my phone. I’m out right now. Dr. Mouse is not in his office (armchair) playing armchair psychologist at the moment.

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I have 2 brains, 1 wants me to spread my seed all over the world and the other is saying “quit thinking with that head you idiot” LOL

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Sounds awfully like something I would have said

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