I renewed my website

All the project took me 8 days.



It looks amazing well done

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It looks top shelf, mate.

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Very nice grooves.

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is that your radio station on there?

the radio player is a nice addition :slight_smile:

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Thank you @I_am_not_here @Resilient1 @Resilient1 @Dude1 !
The player on there is a soundclick player not a radio, but I also have a radio on my other site. It plays music created in Reason. Anyway, the white boarders for the music player were added by me to make it look cooler. I started to build my own websites in the 2010. I like making websites.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Looks good!

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Very slick, I like it!


This is really cool, love the music.

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Thank you @HitandMiss !

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looks really good! stylish and user friendly at the same time. I like the graphics, and black and white colours.

I just renewed my portfolio website as well! :smiley: my site is not as stylish as yours though.
I wanted to give my website some sort of late 90’s web design feel, with frames and all. I code my websites by hand. I made websites a lot in the early 2000’s. it’s fun, coding.

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The only thing I would say is the guitar makes me think its gonna be a metal band, where as the style is much more dance music orientated which is a bit odd.

I like the minimal colours and unique design tho.

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Thanks! Do you care to post your website link? I know you’re drawing cool paintings.
And yes, coding websites is lots of fun! :wink:

I have about 12 songs where there’s also guitar leads and some heavy guitar parts, but yeah, I think I’m more of a keyboardist and electronic artist. Thanks for your comments! :smiley:

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My site is www.ihmemaassa.fi

I had to tweak my site so it would look decent in the screen of a smartphone. It worked nice on computer, but these days so many ppl use smartphones to browse internet, that it was important to get it look good on that too.

My site is very simple but I wanted a simple layout. I am not a html guru so this is the best I was able to make! Even though I like coding and it’s fun. I’m learning :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m using a website software called Site Spinner, which doesn’t require that big of skills in the html and is very logical to use. I need to upgrade it to a Pro version, because it would let me to create a simultaneus mobile version too. Anyway, your site is simple but nice.

By the way, because of all the new visitors, my first song on the player raised to #1 in the electronic charts.

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