I remember youtube

I remember not too long ago they started talking to me
again andd about me through some YouTube comments they said I was almost repentant that I should just kill myself they was talking between themselfs about them watching me on TV. When I was psychotic they got it in to my head that I had raped a little girl when I was a kid n that I should kill myself n if I dont they will do it for me I tried to hang myself but it didn’t work

Poeple outside this forum know much less about schizophrenia. I saw comments on a Youtube video of someone with schizophrenia, some comments said he was possessed by the devil, some said he was raped as a kid and someone even said that he has schizophrenia because he’s gay.

I don’t look at Youtube comments anymore.

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I remember in the 90s when YouTube didn’t have ads

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