I remember when the multi millionaire had a column to write into him to give you money

Well my father left us destitute in my parents divorce

my mother was a secretary all her adult life, and no, didn’t move up to be CEO.

I did so much service to the public, then thew 50 pound boxes all day for money.

I can’t imagine being without meds for major disability.

Come on, give me your money.

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Majority of multi-millionaires are sane and their minds can operate without medication. There is no millionaire with a disability.

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I think you have it wrong. I think there are no billionaires with mental illness. There are plenty of millionaires with mental illness…

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Name one millionaire who has a mental illness.

ummmmmm… Howard Hughes…

He wasnt a millionaire though he was a billionaire

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Really. I think he has bipolar. There are a ton. Look it up. You don’t think there are people out there with mental illness that inherited money either?

I just looked up Kayne West on Wikipedia and it states that he was misdiagnosed with bi-polar. But really, the public will never know the truth.

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I read his profile as well. He suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Yes, ocd is a mental illness

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My aunt had bipolar with psychosis and through working as an engineer and investing properly she became a millionaire in her late 40s


He had OCD. What else did he have? He was a bad ass, genius. Very eccentric.

Isaac Newton: Wasn’t a billionaire, but definitely a titan in math. Probably had Aspergers…

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@anon31257746 good to hear from You.

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:relaxed: Hope you have a great day @Daze

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