I remember when I use to play select soccer

My team won the State Championship. Select soccer means, that you travel to play other teams…in different cities and States. We won the State Championships at least 2 times. If you are a State Champion, then you get to go to the Regionals. The Regional tournament is when you get to play the State Champions of other states…in that region. My team was in the southeast region.


Pretty cool :sunglasses:

i played select soccer in ohio, we were good but finished 2nd in our league. i played defense and was sour about it, because i thought i was a better scorer than our players up front. i quit the 2nd year and just played football and basketball after that. a couple guys on my team got college scholarships and i was more athletic than both of them. i should have never quit soccer.

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I also played select soccer for some of my youth. I quit after 4th grade to play football, but yeah, I should have stuck with soccer. I loved football, but there are more opportunities in soccer – as far as scholarships go. You gotta be a physical freak to play D-1 college football.

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