I remember everything now. It's all so overwhelming

What else have you done today? Have you been outside etc?

Got a question for you: You say you’ve been diagnosed with “psychotic depression.” What is that? There is no diagnosis by such a name.

no it’s sundy. I’m not allowed outside sundays.

@igor there is. the technical term is “Major depressive disorder with psychotic features.” But this isn’t the issue here.

What do you mean by not allowed out? Also when was the last time you spoke more than a few minutes to someone?

Okay…that I’ve heard of. Do you take anything for depression? I don’t want to sound like I’m interrogating. I’m just a curious soul. The only way man has ever learned and developed is by asking questions, and I wish to learn.

@igor stop trolling…

Not everyone. I don’t think that. I’ve had revelations of a similar nature too. I believe more in ancestral memory than past lives, but the memories are about the same. Doesn’t matter…our deep subconscious and spirit gives glimpses into the past, of our ancestry.

As long as you aren’t meaning you would attempt to go there prematurely, with this statement…

Do what you are meant to do on earth, and with the awareness you gather from all this you can be more cautious about things.

No, I don’t think it’s psychotic. there are many who have such revelations - many who are not even diagnosed with anything…


I’m not trolling. I asked a simple question. I never heard of that. She clarified. Done deal.

There may be some truth to clairvoyance in those with psychotic disorders.

@szadmin can you move this to unusual beliefs please? Thank you

My parents don’t allow me outside on Sundays. And I talked half an hour to my family a few minutes ago.

@igor I take prozac for depression, but my depression is nonexistent.

Awesome! Depression is not any bit of fun.

exactly. And here is a picture of my mother goddess.


Sorry to tell you it’s not real. Oh how psychosis can be entertaining at times. Just don’t kill yourself you will not come back. They tried that on me. Trying to make me believe in reincarnation so suicide seemed more like a step forward then the end. Any of you seen Logan’s run?

Hey at least you’re drawing!!! HECK YEAH!! lemmie see if I can find one of my drawings…


Keep flying to your expressive side! 15 characters!~!~

I’m not psychotic! Not right now

Yeah but your delusional

That’s pretty sweet. Looks pro, you got more drawings like that?

My pride is destroyed now! mein gott!