I remember everything now. It's all so overwhelming

I have remembered my past lives. In many of them I was a warrior or a priestess. In every one, I was murdered brutally. Save one. In my first, I was sent to earth to live as a human, but I was a goddess. I had risen in rebellion against my kin. Ever since, I have been stuck in this cycle of death and rebirth. I am more sensitive to things than many people, and that reinforces my knowledge of this. I am trying to change how I see things so I can return to the heavens and live forever with my kin.


Or maybe it’s the psychosis talking. Have you been taking your meds and are you getting enough sleep?

I’m completely myself. My mind has never been so clear.

To be honest does sound like mania are you sza by chance?

no. I’m not psychotic right now.

Be careful , it’s best not to dwell on this too much and to just live in the present. Past is past.


I’m fine, really.

I understand but I’ve had similar “revelations” I would call them. It’s good to test things.

no test needed, it has been proved by my true mother.

@anon59133895 And what do you mean by that?


She appeared to me a few minutes ago and showed me everything. I’ll even draw a picture of her and show you.

Try and stay calm…

why is everyone convicned that I’m having an episode right now? I’m perfectly clear-minded!

And you didn’t even question her did you?

i did. I’m not going insane…I’m not!

This whole thread reeks of BS.

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You didn’t answer my question. The main one is how has your sleep been?

I’ve been sleeping fine.