I remember as a child

I think I’ve had schizophrenia since I was a child. I remember as a child I thought I could make the people around me happy and change the weather I never questioned it and haven’t thought about it for years now I look back and I use to just go blank from time to time and think strangely

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It’s surprisingly common for kids to believe things like that. Thinks like that they can control the weather, or turn the channel with their mind, or affect the outcome of a murder if only they could remember the phone number from this infomercial.

Those are all typical childhood things.


I agree with @LED, it’s common.

But you actually still can make people happy. People help uplift the moods of others all the time. It’s not a Sz thing, it a proven thing.

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I have a 40 some year old neurotypical friend that still firmly believes her stuffed animals have feelings and can talk to each other. She’s believed this some she was a cold and never grew out of it.

Which, since talking to get about it, is apparently really really common among children AND adults. It’s just one of those harmless beliefs that happen. 🤷

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