I relate too well to this

This is sometimes how I feel when I get up… happy, panicked, confused, and trying to pull it together… while other people watch. It’s not as bad as it used to be. But as long as I can see the humor in it… it was all OK.

I think I’m more like beaker then I would like to admit…


Professors should show this to psych students during lectures on schizophrenia…this really made me laugh! The whole idea of like six things going on at once really struck a note with me…i remember feeling like I was in different places at once, just not all together

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WOW, it’s exactly how I feel when I wake up, especially at times where I had too little to sleep, some non-harmonic music, things feel like breaking up, electrified, confusion why I’m here or what I’m doing, and when it gets closer to the end (the waking up part) it gets worse.
I’m glad you shared this, thanks it’s funn.

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Everybody here thought this was hilarious. I feel like this when I’m getting ready to go somewhere for an appointment, and it seems like I am rushing to get there on time because I always forget things that I have to bring along.

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lol muppets.
i relate too this

Both good videos. I can relate to them too.