I relate to this guy a lot

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I don’t see what the problem is here. He’s not exactly ugly at all. He does talk nonstop though and that’s unattractive.

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It’s about being ugly on the inside

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I watched about 5 minutes.

I’m sorry you feel you can relate to the guy because he’s clearly got some serious self esteem issues.

From what I’ve seen of you on the forum,

You’re a very thoughtful guy with a lot of attractive qualities.

I’ll continue watching the video,

But what exactly makes him so relatable for you?

His life situation and how he feels about himself.

To me it makes a lot of sense.

I wonder a lot of the time that I am the problem, and this guy just says it on YouTube in a way I couldn’t

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That guy is sad.

You need to work on that ■■■■ because you are not what this guy thinks he is.

Do you want more friends?

A relationship?

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I do yes, but I don’t know how to do it

Then if an opportunity comes up, which very rarely happens, I just shudder at the thought of having to accommodate a friend in my life

I already feel stretched to my limits with the basics of working, seeing my parents and going to the gym.

Outside of that I feel so exhausted every day that I just feel like there is no room for anyone else in my life

Any more complexity to things just blows my mind, so I tend to push away

Really I need a therapist, but I had a set of sessions once, and now I would have to pay £200 per hour, which I can’t afford


If you can’t afford a therapist,

Maybe get some self help books.

They seriously made a difference for me when I was younger.

Could teach you to manage your life better and have more room and skill for relationships.


I agree with goldie and skinny, I feel sorry for the guy because he’s dull as fack but I don’t feel sorry for you which is actually a good thing. If you concern is centred on how to pull the right bird remember it’s a big number game and you have to be ready to take some rejection.

I watched just a little of the video. I think you’re an interesting person. Aren’t you a landscaper? That’s interesting to me. Don’t call yourself ugly. It’s not true.

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