I regret to tell you, but goodbye

I regret very much to tell you, but it is the end of my road with you guys. I have had a wonderful two years or so being here on this forum, but now my husband has told me I can’t be on here anymore. I am listening to him for God’s sake and because Islam has something negative to say about free mixing with the opposite sex. I am sad, but there’s nothing else to do but obey and God will bless me in other ways. I wish you all well and good for the future.



I think it’s stretching things a bit to say that’s what we do here.


I am so sorry to hear this.

I hope you will find support and good health.


I thought Islam taught ‘peace and tolerance’…

…not as an excuse to subjugate women.

You’re a lovely person @EarthChild and you’ll be missed on this forum by more than a few of us.


Sorry to hear you’re leaving. Take care of yourself. Come back anytime.

Mal is right.

Nothing wrong with you being here.

Any “free mixing” would denote, i would imagine, harmful mixing that might ruin families and all of that ■■■■.

This doesn’t constitute as “free mixing”. Shaboom!

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I know God is important, so with that in mind, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

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I wish you well, you shall be missed around here.

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I wish you the best. You shall be missed. If I understand right, Islam holds that in mixing of the sexes the temptations are too great to be withstood by a people living such a focused (on God) existence.

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I’m not going to try to tell you what is best for you. You will be missed.

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i am sending you all the positive vibes i can :sunny:
you are a kind soul :angel:
take care :alien:

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If you could only get back to tell me who’s the (another) emperor that spoke for the Islam.
Or is it some kind of fatwa-express machine which will be shared around the diverse space of Internet.
I feel for you @EarthChild, but …please.

Ill miss you but if God says you should go…then what can we do ?..please when God permits it, you come back to us .

Her God has nothing to do with this.


Well, I was gaining from your presence here! Therefore, we’re talking about loss.


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You seemed nice.

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Yeah, she seemed sweet. In a grown women kind of way.

:frowning: Will miss you. Can’t say I agree with that belief but it’s your own so nothing to be done. Hope someday ya change your mind! (Or find an all-female sz forum lol)

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Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Contrary to what Sarad claims, my God has everything to do with this - I follow His Laws because I care about my salvation. And contrary to what Patrick said, Islam does not subjugate women, it protects them. So please understand I am trying to do what God wants, nothing else. Maybe if He wills I can come back on here, but for now I leave, as hard as it is. God is my goal, I will return to Him someday, so He is my all.

But still you need your husband to translate you what God wants?
Isn’t it true that the wives of ashab’s were fighting together, not divided, but next to each other?
I know more than you think.
Peace be with you @Saadiqah