I registered for my next class

I registered online for one class. It’s all paid for and I start September 21st. The hard part was that because I missed taking a class during Spring quarter I had to enroll in the school all over again just like and new student going to a college for the first time. But it all worked out. My class is Philosophy. I expect it to be hard, but a little fun. I’ve always kind of been interested in it and in my former classes we delved in to it a little when we studied Socrates, Plato, and Middle Age philosophers. Anyway, counting this class, I need four more classes for my degree.


Congratulations! Good luck in attaining your degree. I took some philosophy classes in College when I was younger. I heard philosophy’s goal is explaining life through science.


Good luck with your class. I never had to take a philosophy class. I think I took Political Science instead. That’s awesome it’s paid off. I’ll be paying monthly payments till next year and I graduate in August. I never liked all the electives. My degree will be in IT and those are the classes I’ve been enjoying. At least you have time off before school starts. Good luck!! :sunny:

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good on you @77nick77…you are an inspiration… :trophy:
take care :alien:

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I have learned what the meaning of the word “prudence” is by reading some of the writings in this subject.

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All I remember about my philosophy class from about 10 years ago was that we watched the Matrix and dissected it.

When I took philosophy class online class discussion was 40% of the grade and I felt sorry for students who didn’t look at their syllabus closely enough to react to that as only a small portion of the class participated in all the discussions. I think some students were putting more emphasis on the tests which were about 30% of the grade. It was a interesting course.