I refuse to give my child my husbands last name

Like seriously?


Maybe let everyone calm down and then discuss it rationally.

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I don’t know what he has to calm down about… he doesn’t want to go somewhere with me, obviously. I am the one that’s upset and I think I deserve to be when he doesn’t wanna spend alone time with me.

Thanks for the words though @everhopeful


I’d dump him.

He’s more dependent on you than you are on him.

And it’s not like you’d be losing help with the baby,

Because this guy is too selfish to help anyway.

You’ll be raising your child alone, regardless.

He’s more trouble than he’s worth.

I’d kick him out, have my baby and get an attorney.


For real. He’s even made comments before that I’m gonna be the one taking care of the baby.

None of these are good signs.

He’s not going to suddenly start treating you better on down the road.

It’s going to be like this forever.

Doesn’t he live at your mother’s house?

Seriously, kick him out.


Yes I have been afraid it’ll get even worse.

Him and his step son live here with me at my parents house.

Even if he isn’t paying rent here, don’t I have to give him a 30 day notice? I don’t know how the law works…

I don’t know the laws where you live.

Odds are real good he doesn’t either.

Kick him out, if he tries to get into the legality of it,

Serve him a eviction notice and file it with the county.


Yeah cause I’ve thought of kicking him out before… but when I looked up laws for this state it made it sound like you had to give them a notice…



Why don’t you guys go to couples counseling ?

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I’m sorry, @Human, I didn’t know things were rough, with your relationship. You deserve better.

Yeah, every relationship has good times and bad times. BUT, a healthy relationship means that there is always respect, regardless of any troubles.

(hugs) :blue_heart:


I’m pretty sure I’ve talked to him about that last time something like this happened…

Don’t remember what his response was though


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this guy just sounds like he is taking you for granted

i would loose my self esteem personally and get depressed

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It feels that way.

I have definitely been sad the last two days.

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